Thursday, October 14, 2010

Headache free, retiring the old steed and on my way to Mexico

Since my crash things have been going well I’m back to full training, just in time for PATCO in Puerto Vallarta. First couple of days back were fairly interesting as it felt like I had never swam in my life before. My body was still pretty stiff so moving my arms felt like an extra choir but slowing I started to build the volume and effort up and things started to feel more natural. A nice thing was biking never gave me any headaches so I was back on the trainer doing some efforts fairly quickly. Running has been coming along but I’m still feeling pretty off and really sluggish but the head has been cooperating.

On a negative note, I found out my bike had a crack along the top tube which meant I didn’t have a race bike for PATCO or training, so I resorted to my cross bike with road tires for a few days. Luckily, Oak Bay Bikes was able to lend me a 2009 Specialized Tarmac Expert for PATCO. Thanks to Patrick for setting that up and to Oak Bay Bikes for lending me the bike. When I get back it will be frame shopping time so I’ll have something to race on and train on next year.

Well right now, I’m on route to Puerto Vallarta for PATCO Champs. Kirsten, A-Russ, Chantell Widney and Tenille Hoogland are joining along for the ride. I haven’t met Chantell or Tenille before so it will be fun meeting some new people. PATCO should be a fun race I’m pretty excited to race one last time and everything is starting to come together so hopefully I’ll finish on a good note. After the race I’m staying an extra 5 days with Kirsten to relax and enjoy the sun. I’m looking forward to doing really nothing, getting uber-tanned and enjoying my offseason in style.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

One of those days....

Over the years talking with friends and cyclists, I come to realize that most crash come close to home (at least mine have). Well Wednesday was no different I was just finishing up my ride with Aaron; I was maybe 5-10mins away, coming up to the intersection of West Saanich and Interurban when I hit rock (I think). Once I regained consciousness I saw the fire dept. and a off-duty paramedic driving by, attending to me while the paramedics were just getting there. Now apparently I was unconscious for only a few seconds when I talked Aaron later but I don't remember anything in between hitting the rock and when the paramedics arrived, turns out that was good 10mins of my life. I ended up with a neck brace and on a spinal board, as I hit my head pretty hard and had some neck soreness. Luckily for me I ended up in blackberry bush which lessened the blow and just left me with lots of scratches on my legs, some road rash on my right knee, a cut across my nose and some bruising under my right eye. I was at the hospital for about 2hrs as they checked out my head and made sure I didn't have anything more severe.

That was probably my first major crash in over 3 years, the last one funny enough was 5mins from my house. This one was probably more serious but had far less road rash which is always nice. I doing well, I just have a minor concussion with some small headaches when I stand up and bend over. Thanks Aaron for calling everything in and helping out. Hopefully I'll back to some light training is next couple of days.