Friday, July 9, 2010

Captain: Take us to Warp 1.9

Something Aaron and I have been playing since Coteau for our pre-race ritual.

Sky diving into the bay area

So I’m in San Francisco for the ITU Continental Cup held in the middle of the bay at Treasure Island. I raced it last year and actually had a pretty solid swim but after that everything else was just plain horrible so hopefully things go better this year as it seems I’m starting to get the concept of ITU racing with two top 5 finishes at Continental Cups this year where as last year my best finish was 12th.

The flight down is a just over 2 hours but it's probably one of the nicest with the view of the Gulf islands, Victoria, the Puget Sound, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier, it’s pretty neat looking out the window and seeing all these different islands and large mountains. That got me thinking how much fun would sky diving be? Now I’m not a big adventure/adrenaline junky but from hearing stories of jumping out of planes from my dad who was part of the Canadian Airborne Regiment for many years and having done over 300 jumps, I’ve come to the conclusion that before its all said and done I would like to jump out of a plane. I think that would be the coolest thing to experience.

I'm staying at this old style hotel with Aaron right in the middle of downtown San Francisco, it's a small hotel but nice and really close to everything. I would like to thanks Aaron’s parents, Richard and Erica, for really just about everything, finding the hotel, taking my bike down with them as they drove from Victoria, picking me up from the airport, the lists goes on and on, so thank you very much.


Monday, July 5, 2010


So its almost been a year since we had to put my dog Jake down, its been weird not having him around the house. Things seem to stay clean longer, there aren't any random toys lying around but that will soon change as we are getting a new puppy at the end of July. This time it's going to be a girl, we've all agreed on the name Teagan. Here are some pictures from the breeder, we don't know which one we are getting but I would take any of them.

Jumping on the blog train

So I decided it was good idea to start up a blog and well here it is!!! I'll try to update it has much as possible, my life isn't too interesting but I'm sure some cool things will pop up here and there.